Search Engine Optimization Techniques

SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the methods where websites are brought to the top of search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing. The SEO landscape changes every year and a great emphasis has been placed on the quality of content in recent years. There are no magic solutions out there for instant SEO success, but the below mentioned techniques will help you to improve your search engine optimization efforts during this year.

As you already know, content is kind in the internet world. Writing quality, engaging content will ensure that you attract targeted traffic to your website and help to increase human interaction on your site, which is one of the most important factors of ranking a website higher on the search engines. Your content should be regularly updated if you are to take advantage of the unique content feature of a website.

On-Page SEO

Selecting the right keywords are extremely important in reaching your goals of sales conversions and profits. Keyword tools such as Google Analytics could be used to find great keywords for free. You can check for the keywords that has the least competition and most searches on the net. The keyword should also have a fair cost per click price, which would help to decide the profitability of the keyword. One or two word keywords must be left out since the competition is extremely high for such keywords. Selecting niche key phrases with low competition will be the best bet in this regard. The keyword density should be less than 2%, and you should write for the visitor and not the search engines. Don’t stuff your keyword in the article as this method is not working anymore.

Images and videos should be included in your content. The images should be tagged with a relevant keyword and videos should also be done the same. Title and ALT tags of the images should include your keywords for positive benefits. Hyperlink phrases that contain your keywords by linking them to authority sources such as Wikipedia. You can conduct regular analysis of your website by using free services such as Google Analytics.

Off-Page SEO

Most of the above mentioned search engine optimization techniques are on-page SEO techniques, while there are off-page SEO methods too. Off-page SEO methods are extremely important to increase the rankings of your website on the search engines. They are actually backlinks build from other quality site to your website. Backlinks should be solicited from quality websites and blogs. You can do this by writing articles for high quality article directories. It is possible to link to your website from the resource box of such article directories.

Another valuable backlink to your website is the links you get from social media sites. You can build your own social media profiles and start promoting your website on them. Getting other people to interact with your social profiles will increase the traffic to your website too. There are many other off-page SEO methods like linking to video sites and guest blogging that are extremely important to rank your website higher on search engines. Sometimes hiring a SEO Consultant in Dallas could be much more helpful and time saving.

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SEO Basics You Should Know

Search engine optimization is the art of advertising a web page (or even a website) to increase its web presence in search engines and for human traffic. SEO has many benefits when implemented properly, these include top ranks in search engines, increased traffic and high returns on investment. There are two types of SEO used today; white hat (recommended) and black hat (highly forbidden.) Google and other search engines fine anyone found using black hat SEO techniques to acquire high ranks unethically. Learning some SEO basics is therefore necessary as a way to safeguard yourself in the online market.

To sell your business to these search engines, you first need to understand some SEO basics and their relevance in online marketing. These include:

1. Content

Search engines look for pages with highly informative and relevant content to display when a search is entered. It is therefore important that only high quality content is published within your website. The content should flow naturally, though you need to integrate target keywords in the same. As a website owner, you can handle the content writing yourself, or hire highly proficient content writers to handle the task for you. One point to note is that, the content to be posted needs to be plagiarism free, or else you will be fined for copyright infringements and your website won’t receive high ranks either.

2. Keywords

These are the main selling tools for every website or page online. It is through these keywords that your target audience can find you. You can use the Google Keyword Analytics tool to determine the best keywords to use within your website. You can use two or three keywords within your website, and even include their synonyms for increased visibility. Once the keywords are acquired and determined, They should be used evenly within the webpages, as well as in other content published in article directories for backlinks.

3. Web Hosting Service

Web hosting is very important in search engine optimization. You need to look out for a webhosting service with more than 99% uptime, and fast enough to allow pages to load when a query is entered in a search engine. A slow webhost will cost your page ranks even if the website content and service is splendid. Always ensure that the webhost you choose offers an excellent service for you to compete with your business rivals.

4. Back Linking

Back linking is very important among all SEO basics out there. These links provide open grounds for search engine crawlers to find your website easily. These links can be created from high end article directories, other high performing websites, as well as news networks if any. Acquiring high PR links may be a challenge to many as they can only be acquired from the site’s administrators.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing goes hand in hand with search engine optimization. Most of the target audiences can be found in social sites. The best way to find these audiences is by advertising through the social sites, and using social media plugins within your website.

It may be a tough task to handle all these and other critical SEO techniques required to record returns and see your sites performance. You can alternatively use SEO agencies to have your website optimized.

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